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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

>^..^< THANKS for all the Hallmarks and other congratulatory messages on the occasion of my second Blogiversary. Finally got a piece of that 20K pie!!

>^..^< Jennifer Martinez links Kerry's 1971 Senate Testimony and says what she thinks about it. I don't think the site is 'pasteable', so go over and read it.

>^..^< Current example of "no media bias" from Media Research Center
At the January 22 Democratic presidential debate, Peter Jennings described Michael Moore's allegation that George W. Bush was a "deserter" as "a reckless charge not supported by the facts." But in setting up a World News Tonight story on Tuesday night, Jennings didn't refrain from passing along, without any caveats, how "a number of Democrats have accused Mr. Bush of going AWOL during his National Guard service."

>^..^< Baldilocks' post on TRUST begins with: "There's a very good reason that the (latest) Jackson incident outrages so many, including me; and it has little to do with prudishness. Allow me to ramble until I get to my point." As always, the Baldilocks treatment of the controversial event gets to the heart of the matter. Read it all. She doesn't ramble as much as she says she does. And don't miss the Comments. Verrrrrrrry interesting! Dewey's World also has a post on this, Half Time Stupidity.

>^..^< Brace yourself for yet another shocker: The Grouchy Old Cripple is back!!! There's always an "up" side and we can be grateful that HE didn't put on the half-time show! Welcome back, GOC!

>^..^< Don't let the serious expession on this guy's face fool you. He's a hoot. Here's a sample: "I was watching a small group of musicians talking on TV the other day. One of them suggested that THE ROLLING STONES had already cornered the market on cool names for rock groups. At that instant in time, I knew that if I started a band I would name it......'Gathers no Moss.' " And for your fans, post on your blog the time and place of your first gig, ok?

>^..^< An "attaboy" (or girl, as the case may be) to Samantha at Uncle Sam's Cabin slamming PETA for urging African Americans to boycott KFC. Read her post here.

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