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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
From Beliefnet

These are items that we will be discussing in future essays and interviews in this column, so let me start with a short and simple list. This is not the last word on the topic, but the first word, a simple list of suggestions to get the conversation going. Most of the great wisdom traditions agree that:

1. Spirit, by whatever name, exists.

2. Spirit, although existing “out there,” is found “in here,” or revealed within to the open heart and mind.

3. Most of us don’t realize this Spirit within, however, because we are living in a world of sin, separation, or duality—that is, we are living in a fallen, illusory, or fragmented state.

4. There is a way out of this fallen state (of sin or illusion or disharmony), there is a Path to our liberation.

5. If we follow this Path to its conclusion, the result is a Rebirth or Enlightenment, a direct experience of Spirit within and without, a Supreme Liberation, which

6. marks the end of sin and suffering, and

7. manifests in social action of mercy and compassion on behalf of all sentient beings.

Does a list something like that make sense to you? Because if there are these general spiritual patterns in the cosmos, at least wherever human beings appear, then this changes everything. You can be a practicing Christian and still agree with that list; you can be a practicing Neopagan and still agree with that list. We can argue the fine details—and will do so in subsequent columns—but the simple existence of those types of currents profoundly changes the nature of belief itself.

[from Sense and Soul by Ken Wilbur]

Prayer of the Day -- All Faiths


On a British Airways flight from Johannesburg, a middle-aged, well-off white South African lady has found herself sitting next to a Black man. She called the cabin crew attendant over to complain about her seating.

"What seems to be the problem Madam?" asked the attendant. "Can't you see?" she said, " You've sat me next to a kaffir. I can't possibly sit next to this disgusting human. Find me another seat!"

"Please calm down, Madam," the stewardess replied. "The flight is very full today, but I'll tell you what I'll do - I'll go and check to see if we have any seats available in club or first class."

The woman cocks a snooty look at the outraged Black man beside her (not to mention many of the surrounding passengers). A few minutes later the stewardess returns with the good news, which she delivers to the lady, who cannot help but look at the people around her with a smug and self-satisfied grin:

"Madam, unfortunately, as I suspected, economy is full. I've spoken to the cabin services director, and club is also full. However, we do have one seat in first class." Before the lady has a chance to answer, the stewardess continues . . . "It is most extraordinary to make this kind of upgrade, however, and I have had to get special permission from the captain. But, given the circumstances, the captain felt that it was outrageous that someone should be forced to sit next such an obnoxious person."

Having said that, the stewardess turned to the Black man sitting next to the lady, and said: "So if you'd like to get your things, sir, I have your seat ready for you . . ." At which point, apparently the surrounding passengers stood and gave a standing ovation while the Black man walked up to the front of the plane.

[found revived on the Internet]


>^..^< With interviews like this available on the internet, Kerry has a lot of work cut out for him - especially if it ever makes the major media.

>^..^< "I've been motivated to start this blog by a good friend in N. Carolina who holds down the middle of the political field on her blog and I figured instead of hammering her with e-mails I could post my messages here for all to see." So saith Reality Check -- among a bunch of other stuff. Go over and let him boil your blood!! JK. He's a dear friend.

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>^..^< "How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans.”

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>^..^< Day by Day

QUOTABLES -- Steven Wright

*****Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.
*****Borrow money from pessimists - they don't expect it back.
*****99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name.
*****42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
*****On the other hand, you have different fingers.
*****I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet. So I said, "Got any shoes you're not using?"