Indigo Insights

Monday, July 01, 2002

It’s fun to leave a “Comment” now and then for my buddy over at “redneckin”. He has a great blog going with all the accoutrements of a professional blogger. Plus, I get interesting links off his site with information I would otherwise miss. As previously mentioned, however, my blogging proficiency is so lacking that it would be embarrassing (to me AND Blogspot) if I had his extensive capabilities. Doubtlessly I would be shamed by the results of my efforts. Anyhow, nobody reads my silly stuff but Chuck and he forgives me my trespasses. And BTW – today’s inanities are entered to remind Chuck that July 1, 2, and 3 are the anniversary dates of the Battle of Gettysburg – where the NC 26th & 11th Divisions lost more lives than any other Confederate state – including Alabama!!! So don’t tell me I’m a Yankee just because I proudly hail from NORTH Carolina!!! But I love you, Chuck! LOL (wonder how long it will take him to see this?)