Indigo Insights

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Notice how few people have manners anymore? Some even take offense at others having manners. Honest. Case in point (and a true story) is my sweet, little Southern-raised neice. Her husband’s profession relocated them to the West Coast – San Francisco, in fact. Her lovliness and charm soon landed her a position as receptionist at a large bank. But Alas! She was fired after a very few months due to complaints about her being a “smartass”!! Her offense? She always addressed the customers as 'sir' and 'mam' and apparently they did not know this was a courtesy!!!

And how about check-out people? Met any polite ones lately? Bet you’ve encountered some real grumps, though. Some people are really taken aback by the apathetically lackadaisical attitudes of check-out personnel and their rude comments. Not me. My comment of “My Dear (or Sir) you obviously have your priorities mixed up. I AM PROFIT! You are overhead!” ususally takes THEM aback.

Add to the list drivers (of any kind of vehicle), sales people in stores, medical staff in too many areas to list, and my personal favorite: telephone reps.