Indigo Insights

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

The closest I’ve ever been to a possum is roadkill. So imagine my surprise and shocked delight to be surfing around Possumblog and seeing my very own nom de plume! This is analogous to riding through South Dakota and seeing one’s face on Mount Rushmore! How did this happen? How could it? Was there a committee meeting? If so, thanks to the committee members who kept their black balls out of sight, thereby enabling me to enjoy this privilege.

About six months ago my friend Chuck quite nonchalantly dropped the word “blog” into a chat. That was my introduction to the phenomena of blogs, blogging, and bloggers. In the interim, it has become an addiction. The first cup of coffee every morning is consumed while reading the new blogs. These URLs have become my main connection to the outside world. This is where I find entertaining, topical, and enlightening reading from a variety of sources and perspectives. It is my microcosm of Americana.

What a humbling honor to be among such august personages. I’m not worthy – but – hey! I’ll give it my best shot. A plus for any readers of Indigoinsights is that I’m usually not long-winded!!! LOL