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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

(Received this email from a friend. I am not familiar with the Seattle Times and have never before heard of Mr. Tokhchukov, therefore I cannot attest to the authenticity of the "letter". Notwithstanding, it seems appropriate on this day to ponder these points. -Indigo)

This is a very insightful letter that appeared in the Seattle Times. The prevalent propaganda chanting the mantra "Islam is a religion of peace" has become deafening, but no matter how loud it gets, that doesn't make it true. But don't take my word for it. Read the words of one courageous Muslim, and then pray for him because he has put himself at great risk.


'I am the Muslim to ban more Muslims'

I am the immigrant to end all immigration. While I came from a different country myself (I am originally from a Muslim minority in Russia), 9/11 had turned me into a staunch foe of any continued immigration. All the worst Arab terrorists, including the 9/11 hijackers, came from so-called "friendly" Arab countries, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Many others came by way of two ostensibly friendly Anglo countries, Britain and Canada, prompting some in the FBI to nickname them "Londonistan" and "Canadistan."

I am the Muslim to ban any more Muslims from coming to this country.

Our media's mantra that "the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving, law-abiding people" is nothing but politically correct blah, blah, blah. As a Muslim, I wish it were true, but it is not. Islam has been hijacked by the Arab and Iranian terrorists and turned into a suicidal-homicidal-genocidal hate cult which is now spreading like a plague throughout the Muslim world. The sad truth is that hundreds of millions have been now infected with this spiritual disease, and at least half of Muslims arriving to this country are actual or potential terrorists, terrorist supporters or sympathizers.

Unless and until all Muslim countries are liberated from terrorism as Afghanistan was, and are transformed into tolerant, civilized, enlightened societies, not one Muslim should be allowed to our country on a tourist, student, or any other visa. And if this deprives the centers of anti-American activism known as college campuses of their Arab cash cows who pay the whole tuition up front, tough.

We are in a fight for survival, so we better start acting like it.

Ruslan Tokhchukov