Indigo Insights

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Yeah, right!!! Take it from one who burned her bra during the Korean War -- way ahead of the Nam burners -- this piece referred to by Possum Man via Snopes and Nate (Nice to meet you, Nate) is pure, unadulterated bovine scatology (thank you General Swartzkopf!). I did, in fact, take high school Home Economics in 1950. While there were no such "10-points" to becoming a good wife in my textbook, I don't doubt that such a page could have been in some textbook, somewhere. These would have been ten points that my mother would have attempted to teach me - but it was wishful thinking on her part that I would conform to the "10-points" of her bridal days!!! I adamantly protest and disagree with the idea that an entire generation of wives (mine!) were automatons whose remote controls were held by their husbands. Yes, there are wives even today who could be stereotyped as docile sheep also. Some of them are even friends of mine. But all the way back to Cleopatra there have been females who were self-reliant as well as sultry; independent thinkers as well as diplomats; iron-fists in velvet gloves, if you will. Whoever is responsible for this urban legend is obviously a mysogynistic, chauvanist pig, and I would suggest that he and his entire generation of males be thought of as ignorant gladiators. Or pitied because they never found an equal and interesting female partner.

Whew! Feel better now.