Indigo Insights

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

R & R

Whatever R & R means in the military (I've heard several versions), in this senior's vernacular it's "Revive & Restore". In fact, "R & R Monday" is getting to be standard for this household - even for the dog! And neither of us is a whit guilty for lying around the house all day in a completely non-productive mode. We earned it in a total-activity four-day weekend.

Blog Mine

Sometimes, especially on R & R Monday (LOL), since I'm not using the day for anything else, I think I may as well go a-blogging. As stated in another blog, however, what little creative fecundity that surfaces is usually in the witching hour. You know that time after going to bed when you try to turn the power off the mental keyboard, and just before the light goes out, the Mother of All Blogs flashes on the mental monitor? In this circumstance, I have two choices: manually turn out the light and ignore the epiphany, or go to the computer and stay up a couple of more hours. Last night I chose the first option. Today I recall enough of it to report this: My #2 Grandson gave me a George Carlin calendar for Christmas 2001 - the kind with a tear-off page for each day. Each page has a quote from George and I have really enjoyed it throughout the year. It finally dawned on me what wonderful material I have been tearing off and throwing away every day of 2002!! George Carlin is a gold mine of blog material to work with during a hopeless writer's block. This one alone could generate an entire page (hint to Terry):
"Suggested bumper sticker: We Are the Proud Parents of a Child Whose Self-Esteem is Sufficient that He Doesn't Need Us Advertising His Minor Scholastic Achievements on the Bumper of Our Car."