Indigo Insights

Friday, October 18, 2002

It seems many of the observations/opinions I've been hearing on the VH-1 Prison Show are from those who probably have no teenage children, nor have ever watched VH-1 -- or both. I've seen comments such as "So what?", "Just don't watch the show.", "a frivolous subject", and other such inane comebacks.

But millions of teenagers will be watching this show - even if you don't. It will not be "frivolous" to them. It will be the epitome of "cool", the "bomb", and super "jiggy" to see prison inmates attain national attention with head banging "music". This is not the first, and will certainly not be the last, of VH-1's poor taste television. As far as I know, however, it is the first featuring (glorifying?) murderers, rapists, and/or perhaps pedaphiles.

And no, I'm not an ultra-conservative Republican whacko. Just a concerned adult familiar with the teenage mind set of our times. Teens find their idols/heroes in strange places -- preferably in areas that turn off adults (their parents). e.g., Charles Manson. Anyone notice how many teens wear t-shirts with his picture emblazoned?

This is not a liberal/conservative issue, nor an Amendment issue. ANY parent of ANY political party should be uncomfortable with their children finding role models in prisons. Yes, it remains to be seen if the show has any redeeming qualities - such as the referenced "Scared Straight." I intend to watch the show to judge for myself, then decide whether a sponsor boycott would be appropriate for me. I hope all parents will do the same.