Indigo Insights

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Received this from a friend. Whether you are a smoker or not this is an interesting read. Please notice the reference to the Alabama lady. Some things are about just plain courtesy. Personally, I am more offended by public flatulence than public smoking. But that's just me. Here is my friend's reply to the person who sent it to her, plus Peggy Noonan's URL for the article.

This is great and I want to send it to my friend over at Possumblog. But I can't access a URL. Could you send it to me please? And as to that "second hand smoke" crap -- I have a 15 year old cat (that's 105 in human years) who has never in her entire life had one day in a smoke-free environment. The vet says she's the healthiest 15 year old he's ever seen. With the exception of a touch of arthritis, she has no health problems whatsoever. But keep that to yourself or the PC non-smokers may hear about it and add arthritis to the Hazards of Smoking List.