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Thursday, November 07, 2002

In perusing the blogs to keep my finger on the pulse of Blogger World, I learned from Misha, the "Nice Doggie" man, that November is National Military Appreciation Month. Please visit this site and say "thank you" to our military, if you're appreciative.

Some of the commenters expressed uncertainties about how to handle a direct contact with military personnel. What would be appropriate? Rushing into the debate to get my two cents in, I posted the following:

Posted by Indigo at November 7, 2002 10:44 AM --
To hug or not to hug? Depends on who YOU are. A handshake may be more appropriate. I'm a grandmother and Saturday night before Mother's Day, I was treated to a lovely dinner at Outback. At the large round table next to ours were about 10 USMC Special Ops. Mean and lean and BEAUTIFUL. They had obviously just returned from the Afghan war zone and were enjoying a celebratory night out. After much toasting and congratulating each other, they settled in to enjoy a raucous and delicious meal. Our party ended before theirs did, and when I arose from the table, I took one step toward the Marines' table and announced: "If anyone will not be getting a Mother's Day hug tomorrow, here's your chance." As a unit, they jumped from their chairs and queued up!! Some of the biggest grins and tightest hugs I have ever received!!!