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Monday, November 18, 2002

My "different drummer" is beating a cadence today. I swear, sometime I think George Carlin is my love-child brother! Any-hoo, a few non-related subjects come to mind. Like George, a couple of these items (1 & 2) came from the dark recesses of my left brain.


Isn't it ironic that perhaps the most inept general of the Civil War is the only one many people remember today? Funny too that they don't even realize it. There may be millions of Americans who know what "sideburns" are, but don't have a clue that the excess facial hair is so named for the Federal military screw-up artist, General Ambrose Burnside. General Burnside sported the fullest (and grossest, IMO) beard on the sides of his face, while shaving the remainder except for the moustache. He was able to create a little havoc here in North Carolina, but was more notorious for his debacle at Fredericksburg. Inasmuch as his efforts in North Carolina were concentrated in the coastal area of the state where I grew up, it's likely that he encountered some of my great-greats. For more pics and background, link here and here, if you're a real history buff.


Anyone who didn't read "The Peter Principale" (pub.1969, Raymond Hull), when it was first published and popular, should do so just as soon as you can locate a copy. It can still be found in some used book stores. and maybe even on a dusty back shelf of a large library. Now out of print, Barnes and Noble has it for a ridiculous price, as well as Amazon. The hypothesis of The Peter Principale is that people in the American work force rise to their level of incompetency. While it was a much-discussed book of the time, it recently occurred to me that it has proven to be a prophecy! The author was exploring the beginnings of apathetic, lackadaisical work habits and attitudes in America, concentrating largely on the corporate world, if memory serves me. If the author is still alive, he must must be amazed to realize that his amusing little "principal" was prophetic, and has now progressed into the highest echelons of government. Bet you can come up with some candidates for the Peter Principale Award!


And as if to prove the Principale in Item Two, this prime example just fell into my hands! LOL


Dropping in on SKB is like stopping by Wal-Mart. Everytime you go you see something you missed the last time. For instance, yesterday I noticed for the first time that Bubba lists worthwhile charitable organizations, rather than asking for gratuities for himself. A gentleman and a scholar! I visited several sites, but my favorite was the National World War II Memorial. (Second Place: Friends of the Smokies) There is so much to see and browse that I will have to go back and continue as time permits. But I'm ever so grateful to Bubba for leading me to these sites.

As a sign-off, and in memory of General Burnside, with speakers up, now hear this!