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Friday, January 03, 2003

(2 words: home state)

> 1) Question of the night. Bill Clinton as the avatar of "fiscal discipline"?

Filling in for Alan Murray on Thursday night as host of CNBC's 9pm EST (and re-run three hours later) Capital Report, NBC Newscorrespondent Andrea Mitchell asked just-announced Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards: "What is your view on deficit spending at this time given the softness of the economy. Do you think that some deficit spending is a good idea or do you think we need to return to the fiscal discipline that Bill Clinton espoused?" Edwards began his reply: "I strongly believe in fiscal discipline..."

Espoused maybe, but certainly didn't pursue, as a Republican-controlled House guided rising spending which grew slower than Clinton wished as soaring revenues poured in.

By the way, for his votes in 2001, the National Taxpayers Union gave the North Carolina Senator an "F" rating as a "Big Spender." I guess it takes a fiscally disciplined politician to know one.

(Sorry about the C&Ping. Can't link today.)