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Thursday, January 16, 2003

All the flap about Martin Scorcese's movie, "Gangs of New York", and if anyone has picked up on the irony of his lambasting Lincoln, it has escaped me. I have not seen the movie, nor am I likely to until it's available on video. The only information I have seen/heard about "Gangs", or Scorcese, has been through the media and the internet. From these sources, however, it seems poor Martin is being taken to task and severely castigated for his frank interpretation of some of our nation's "historical" events. Case in point: Abraham Lincoln. Scorcese must have researched some of the same older history books that I have read over the past 50 years, because he alludes to the possibility that Lincoln's motives for the Civil War were not necessarily as pure as later history writers portrayed in text books published in northern states. Like FDR, Woodrow Wilson, and Bush I, however, Lincoln's critics were squelched by victory. It is interesting to note, though, that The War Between the States was identified as "Mr. Lincoln's war" in the Congressional Record of the war years. Input from anyone who has actually been to see the movie would really be appreciated. E-mail me here and give your review. (if link will not work, please type in )


From RWN for my paltry readership to enjoy. Winston Churchill Addresses A Joint Session Of Congress on December 26, 1941: Winston Churchill was a titan among men. Before the United States and the Russians got into WW2, only Winston Churchill's leadership and the bravery of Britain's people saved Europe from being trampled under a Nazi boot. Nineteen days after Pearl Harbor, Churchill spoke before Congress to talk of the war that had now engulfed both our nations. The US was mobilizing but the Japanese had struck us a terrible blow at Pearl Harbor and much like today, we were years away from seeing the end of war. This is not one of Churchill's most famous speeches, but it's good and much of it is still relevant to 'war on terrorism' today.


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