Indigo Insights

Monday, January 27, 2003

Those folks in Greenville, NC, really know how to throw a Super Bowl Party!!! #1GD out-did herself with several delectable offerings; notably exotic dips and assorted fruits with chocolate fondue. Think of a finger-food and it was there, along with a couple of dishes that needed utensils - such as Bogue Banks Clam Chowder (indigenous to NC only) requiring a spoon, and some kind of Mexican "pie" requiring a fork. Shrimp, chicken wings, pizza, and desserts rounded out the smorgasbord. Everything was HOME MADE except what came out of a chip bag. Invitation-only guests were instructed to come dressed in the colors of the team they hoped would win. The only thing I had red was a hairbow, socks, and earrings, but I was admitted. Thank goodness! After that long drive! The guests who came dressed in black left after the game with their moods matching their attire! (sorry about that #2GS!)

The hostesses (my daughter, KC, and a friend, also KC!) had visited Tampa the week after the play-offs and brought back some special Super Bowl Party items, including shirts and hats emblazoned with "2002 South Division Champions - Tampa Bay Buccaneers", which they wore for the party. Red lights and a pirate on the hats could be switched "on" when Tampa made a touchdown. KC finally said it was too much trouble to keep turning her hat on and off, and just left it on! Door prizes were items from the Tampa shopping trip and I won a large South Division Champs mug. Big-screen TV and other strategically placed sets, plus surround sound speakers, made the home a mini-stadium!! The "crowd noise" from the homogenous group (including young, old, babies, and dogs) gave the mini-stadium a chaotic ambience too!

I'm just going to skip right over the half-time (cough) "entertainment". My Kingdom for a marching band and some majorettes!!! Oh well!

Anyhow, it was a wonderful party and worth the drive. Many thanks to all who made it possible. AND CONGRATS TAMPA BAY!!!

And then there was this -
OAKLAND, Calif. — Rowdy crowds took to the streets after the Oakland Raiders' Super Bowl defeat and left parts of the city strewn with broken glass, charred hulks of burned cars and a fast-food restaurant with nearly every window broken.

"Rowdy Crowds"? Wonder what it takes to be called a riot in Oakland?