Indigo Insights

Monday, January 13, 2003


Today the Fox News site features a page of "Angry Hillbillies, Book Banning, Curriculum Craziness". Once again California leads the nation! Some parents in Arcadia are distressed because Monday, Jan. 20, the day exams are scheduled to begin, is also Martin Luther King Day and school district officials have proposed that the King commemorative day be delayed one week until Jan 27. In predictable left coast political correctness, allusions of racism are surfacing. Before the screams get too loud, someone out there should point out that Dr. King's day usurped the commemorative day for The Father of Our Country, President George Washington. Washington's Day had to be combined with President Lincoln's Day to make a day available for King, since there was a federal limit on the number of recognized holidays. Maybe, just maybe, since white Americans magnanimously voted to move Washington over with Lincoln, black Americans - even Californians - could peacefully move King one week for this single year!

But that was just the lead-off item. Continuing to read the page of ridiculous reporting, we are treated at the end by "The daily edition of Tongue Tied is here. For those who can't wait until the end of the week for a dose of PC wackiness, head over to the Tongue Tied Web site."

Indigo strongly urges any of you who are not yet nauseated to run, don't walk.