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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

(From Blogger home page) Big news: Yes folks, it's true. As you may have read, Blogger's parent company, Pyra Labs, was purchased by Google. This should only mean good things for Blogger users. No immediate changes will take place, except we're working furiously to get more servers in place to handle the extra load this news has caused. Stay tuned.
– Ev. [2/17/2003 11:44:22 PM] +

And I sez to myself, "Self," says I, "this should be a new awakening for blogging. Surely "good things" will mean better transporting, faster posting and publishing, dependable and consistent Comments, no lost archives, and perhaps even smooth linking occasionally!" Oh, I had great expectations. Now I'm wondering will all these "good things" be in my lifetime. Nine days later and I've only seen new problems with Blogger - not new "good things". Is it just me and my general obtusity with high-tech cyberworld thingies, or are other bloggers experiencing weird glitches? Yeah, yeah. I know it's free! And they said "no immediate changes will take place." But really, a click is a click, is a click. How difficult should it be to get the desired results with an index digit? (Mini-rant. I'm very frustrated!)