Indigo Insights

Wednesday, February 26, 2003
MAIL BOX - from JD of Greenville, NC
(Southern manners dictate that I apologize in advance to my Northern friends with no sense of humor.)

A very prim and proper southern lady was driving across the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, SC one day. As she neared the top of the bridge, she noticed
a young man standing near the edge of the bridge getting ready to jump.
She stopped her car, rolled down her window and said, "Please don't jump! Think of your Mom and Dad".
He replied, "My Mom and Dad are both dead. I'm gonna jump".

She said, "Well think of your wife and kids".
He replied, "I'm not married and don't have any kids".

She said, "Well think of Robert E. Lee".
He replied, "Who's Robert E. Lee?"
She replied, "Well just go ahead and jump then you damn yankee!"