Indigo Insights

Friday, February 21, 2003


On 2/1/03 I posted 'My Hero.' Yesterday I received this lovely piece from my friend John in New Jersey and it instantly took me back to those times and reminded me of how often My Hero and I walked those dirt roads. Please turn up your speakers, copy in this URL (which would not link) and enjoy. If you're too young to appreciate it, forward it to your parents. It’ll be a warm and fuzzy moment in their day.


Some blogs I visit for entertainment; some for independent analysis of the day’s news; others for different opinions than my own, just to keep me on my toes. And then there are a few I visit for the sheer joy of it. One of these is Close Encounters of the Zander Kind. Several weeks ago, while surfing comments in blogs, I noticed a poster named Zander. He was refreshingly amusing and I began to look forward to his comments. I must not have caught every single comment of Zander’s, because I didn’t know he was a teenager until I read this blog from Acidman. Go there for background.

I was blown away to learn that Zander the blogger is only 16 years old. I guess I was practicing both stereotyping and age discrimination – two of the most detested items on my personal “PO” list. Such wisdom, aplomb, and winning persona as Zander's in such a young physical body makes me suspect that he may have encountered the same evil genie that trapped my young spirit in this old body – reversed in Zander. Told you that genie was evil!

Anyhow, for a real Profile in Courage, visit Zander’s world and learn about him in his own words. Leave him a comment if you feel like it, so he'll have greetings from a lot of new people to read when he gets out of the hospital.