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Monday, February 03, 2003

Billy Joe Bob, over at Compleat Redneck, thinks I have a "cute name". Thanks, Billy Joe Bob. And also thanks for adding Indigo Insights to your blogroll, whether due to the "cute name" or the fact that I understand your language and your BBQ. Anyone who reads Indigo Insights even occasionally knows how big the Executive Round Tuit is, but any day now the blogroll WILL BE updated. I have complained, begged, pleaded, and even tried to bribe, but now there is a plan in place. I promise! Going to have to call in some chits from the genius #1GD, but I almost have a commitment.

Redneckin's Chuck Tales is growing. So stay current! Way down in the Executive Round Tuit is a plan for a similar page for Indigo Insights. Or maybe I should call it the Ralph Kramden File -- "one of these days."

MAIL BOX -- from Susan of Arkansas

As we all know, whatever arrives in email may be current or years old. That seems to be the nature of email. Flat Stanley touring the White House obviously was produced at a happier time for the President and staff than the last several days have been. But for some upbeat DC coverage, read the following intro, then link here to see the pics of Flat Stanley's White House adventures.

Flat Stanley finally hits pay dirt ---

Do you know the story of Flat Stanley, the kiddie book about a boy who's flattened by a bulletin board, then makes the best of a bad situation by mailing himself to a friend? It's huge in grade schools, where kids mail paper dolls of Flat Stanley to big shots who have their picture taken with him and then mail it all back. Well, Flat Stanley has finally made it to the top: in President Bush's lap. The exclusive story: Marcy Ring, a teacher at Chicago's Henry Suder School, sent Flat Stanley to her White House pal Susan Ralston, Karl Rove's aide. Rove took it from there, taking the black Flat Stanley everywhere, even the Oval Office. "He had better access," says Ralston, "than the senior staff." But Rove did more. He spent hours at home preparing a 13-page, 25-photo package autographed by the prez. There's Flat Stanley with chief of staff Andy Card reading a top-secret report, and with national security adviser Condi Rice, who's lecturing Flat Stanley to obey his parents. What drove Rove? "He loves kids," we're told.

TILT! TILT! FOUL! FOUL! HISS AND BOO! Sorry, folks, but U.S. News would not allow you to see their pictures. Here's their URL, if you want to paste it somewhere. YOU CHOOSE WHERE!

MAIL BOX -- from Tom of SLC, Utah

Don't even go here unless you have time to kill. I was intrigued because it was a "poke fun" at John Ashcroft item -- and it is -- but much, much more. Just keeps linking, and linking, and linking. And once into it, you don't want to miss one!


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