Indigo Insights

Monday, February 17, 2003

Are there no normal folks in California? If so, you'd think some of them would make the headlines occasionally rather than this type.

North Miami City Councilman Jacques Despinosse created a bit of a stir Tuesday when he asked the police department to rescind its swimming requirement for recruits because it eliminated many black candidates.

Say it ain't so, Steve!

"We feel that David could potentially be a target in prison for people who may have a grudge against him" LOL OF THE DAY!

Saddam's son: Proud to be a chip.

NC leads nation in duct tape use and Freedom Fries (Google gives no info on Freedom Fries yet, but local TV stations are telling the story that some fast-food places are substituting "Freedom" for "French".)

NC jumps on "Goat Wagon" too!