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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

If you google "All-American Man", would Michael Moore's name come up, or Bruce Willis? No, I didn't google them; this is just a hypothetical google. But if you find that an interesting concept, have at it. Meanwhile, Frontpage Magazine has it all pretty much laid out in a March 7 piece. Catch the previous link to read the entire article. And leave your opinion at "Say What". I'd really like to hear some on this one.

French products I used to buy: from this list
BF Goodrich (owned by Michelin)
Christian Dior
Culligan (owned by Vivendi)
Dannon (yogurt and dairy foods)
Mikasa (crystal and glass)
Motown Records (o-no - say it ain't so!)
Pierre Cardin
RCA (televisions and electronics; owned by Thomson Electronics)
Yves Saint Laurent

But French's Mustard -
Trojan Horseshoes points out: French's Mustard put out a Press release, attempting to make sure everyone knows that they have no connection to the country of France.

"No Media Bias" Again
McGehee tells about the Oscar awards. Over the past several months, other awards shows have attempted to clamp down on the overtly political speechifying of recipients. But producers for the Academy Awards, as well as executives of the ABC television network (owned by Disney), which will carry the show, have made the decision to let Oscar winners and presenters speak their mind before a world audience that will be watching. And This Further to ensuring an all-anti-war, all-the-time event, Oscar producers and parent ABC are said by insiders to be devising a seating chart that would prevent "pro-war" celebrities from gaining a forum. Hawkish celebrities like Bruce Willis, James Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others are not scheduled to serve as presenters. Read the rest at McGehee's Zone.

How can anyone show support for celebrities like Bruce Willis, James Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others who are not scheduled to serve as presenters? How about a sign-in website for some of the non-dissenting American actors? Or is there one, and I've missed it?