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Friday, March 21, 2003

It seems I'm too preoccupied with what other bloggers are saying today to take time to get my thoughts together and put up a blog of my own. These other guys are so much more "on top" of things than I am, plus on an articulation scale, they're mostly tens and can say it better than I. So, anyhow, here are some links that are very interesting, and that's going to be my job today. Leading you down the Linking Path.

Thanks to The Artist Previously Known as Chuck for nudging me in this direction today. Yeah, I know. Best of the Web is listed in my Blog Addendum - but in case you don't scroll down that far, here it is. On a day such as this when I am overwhelmed with reading, I read the Redneckin's Digest synopsis and go back later to the read the entire unabridged article.

Susanna over at Cut on the Bias says It's time the "activists for peace" were called what they really are: violent, hatefilled and dangerous. The only good thing about this is that the average American may figure out that these nutcases do not represent anything but violent, envy-filled anarchy. Every philosophy - including peace activists - have their freak fringe that tend to violence (think murderers of abortion doctors), but it seems only the left embraces theirs as heroes. The average American needs to make it clear that they understand the line between civil disobedience (civil rights sit-in) and anarchy (attacking a woman who just wants to get home, because ... well... because.), and stop allowing an environment where that is in any way encouraged or even condoned. One of her SF emailers sent her this "I Was There" mail. Her link is down below in the Blog Addendum too - or you can link here.