Indigo Insights

Monday, March 10, 2003


A young Norwegian blogger named Fredrik K.R. Norman has started a blog called Norwegian Friends of America. I just found this today, but I'll be checking in again at this most interesting site. It's a "feel good" place.

Today on his home page Norman offers a tribute to Klaus Helberg, a WWII veteran. I don't know what I was doing in 1965 (actually, I do - but that's another blog!) that I was oblivious to "The Heroes of Telemark", the book about this Norwegian act of heroism, and the subsequent movie starring Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris. The Comments to Norman's blog are quite interesting too. Since I missed the book and the movie, this was another of thousands, I'm sure, WWII stories I never heard.

"It all began in March 1942 with [sic] a lone parachuter was dropped to gather information on the heavy-water production. On 19 October, four other Norwegians were dropped near Sognsdalen, just west of Rjukan. They were all local boys and knew the area well. Their task was to prepare the sabotage and send radio messages to England. The group had the codename 'Grouse'."

Now - to TRY to give thanks for the links leading to Fredrik Norman - all I know for sure is that I began at Gone South and by some circuitous route I landed at his home page. With all the detours and Senior Moments, I am hard-pressed to give an accurate genesis. I apologize. But at least I can thank dear Janis for launching me on my trip.