Indigo Insights

Tuesday, March 11, 2003


Every day, after my favorite bloggers have had their say - and vented in every way imaginable - yes, even ranted - and actually INVENTED new words to express their disdain or complete contempt for any given subject/person/or another blog, when I've read them all, I head over to Francesca's for a calmer version The following paragraph from yesterday's Yorkieblog is the microcosm of hundreds of paragraphs I've read on this subject. Don't know how she does it, unless she's reading my mind, but the woman can express my feelings and thoughts before I can write them! And she does it so much better than I - why don't you read this? Then link to her home page for everything else that I didn't think of!

The blogosphere is blogging incessantly about the Jimmeh Cah-tah OpEd and the appearance of Slick Willy on 60 Minutes over the weekend. I won't join the chatter, leaving dissection of the details to others much more articulate than this poor dog lady, but I will say that I found both spectacles disgusting and outrageous. According to a former Nixon staffer I heard on FoxNews this morning (transcript not available), even Richard Nixon knew better than to publicly chastise a successor President, choosing to disagree privately through personal channels rather than join a public chorus of disapproval. I am revolted by the idea that two former leaders of this great nation would break this trust. More than anyone else on the planet, these two men understand the thankless nature of the job, the agonizing choices that must be made, the high-wire diplomacy of crisis -- and rather than behave with some measure of decorum befitting the office they once held, they choose to take public pot-shots at the man who holds it now, at a time of national crisis. It all smacks of public relations profiteering somehow -- yet another way to get into the spotlight. And it's disgusting.