Indigo Insights

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Before Rachel went on hiatus, I emailed her about a retired WWII Marine I had just met. He is 86 years old, a public speaker, and you know that thing they say: "Once a Marine, Always a Marine"? Well, it's true! I asked Rachel if she would want me to record an interview with this WWII vet for her History Project. She replied very enthusiastically and we agreed that I would follow-up with the vet and get back to her.

A week or so later, we met again by chance at a dinner club. George (the Marine) was with a mutual friend of mine and they joined my partner and me for dinner. We spent a couple of hours together, during which time George revealed some very interesting things about himself: e.g. He is tri-lingual. Treasures an audience. Although from Virginia, he wears a Texas hat. Plus, he is tall, handsome, with a closely-trimmed moustache, and is a big flirt with a perpetual twinkle in his eye. He is, in fact, everything Rachel could possibly wish for in a WWII Marine veteran interviewee, except that he spent his entire military career at the Pentagon and didn't leave the USA during the war.

I'm hoping Rachel will see my blog today and I won't have to burden her with another email. Are you listening, Rachel? You can close that file! Sorry.