Indigo Insights

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

by Vadim Sirotnikof, classmate of Elizabeth Katzman

If you can read this heart-rending account of the school bus bombing last week in Haifa without tearing up, Spec Ops need you in the Mid-East. Before reading young Vadim's memorial essay about Elizabeth, "17 killed" and the terrible scene of carnage on TV was my conceptualization of the latest suicide murders. While admitting he didn't know Elizabeth very well, Vadim, her high school classmate, has magically captured her essence. His "on scene" account of the events of that day conveys the horror that we never learn from TV. Remember the name Vadim Sirotnikof, for he will be a famous writer someday, if he survives Palestinian terrorists. See what a beautiful girl Elizabeth was and read the entire essay here. (link from Oceanguy in Acidman's comments)