Indigo Insights

Thursday, April 03, 2003
Acute Blogitis

The guy who runs the show over at redneckin' told me I had surely PO'd some serious cyber gods! As usual, he is right. (He didn't mention that I had also PO'd my blogdaddy - but that's another blog!)

I still don't know what happened, but in a fit of total desperation, plus pique, tonight I attempted to at least get the gawdawful red off my Indigo page. Yeah, I know. You still see it sometime. But the good news is that magically, as if a wand swept over the page, the Archives reappeared!!! .

So now, as best I can remember how this page SHOULD appear, I only need to fix:
~~ the header -- Indigo Insights (instead of one word)
~~ home page to blue as well as archives (permanently)
~~ get blogroll back up
~~ get email addy back up
~~ get Comments back up
~~ get back site meter

Oh - the heck with it. Just please see this from an old blog in the archives. It seems even more meaningful now.

And with legs, eyes, and fingers crossed - - - POST & PUBLISH!!!!