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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Kevin McGehee's "Get Well, Vicky!" headline caught my eye. "Vicky of Liquid Courage has had her vacation from blogging involuntarily extended due to an attack by a Rottweiler -- obviously not an anti-idiotarian one, at that. Go here to leave her a message of sympathy and encouragement."

After following Kevin's suggestion, thoughts of Rottweilers and dogs in general flooded my lame brain. Yesterday was "Bug Man Day" at my house. The exterminator calls himself Bill the Bug Man. He has been coming around for years and my lovable Rottweiler knows him well. My Rott is an inside dog and is always glad to see visitors. She remembers anyone who has ever visited before and greets each person at the door like an old friend with her welcome "hula" - which is Rottweiler for tail wagging.

KJ (the Rott) really likes Bill, but she is offended by his sprayer. She follows it around the house, barking and growling visciously at the apparatus, while Bill sprays away with one hand and pats KJ's head with the other. I really think it is their special game by now and both of them seem to enjoy it. Bill laughed at KJ as usual yesterday and commented on how friendly she was in comparison to many of the dogs he encounters. He remarked that the little dogs were the only ones that had ever bitten him. (Bill is a retired Marine and is not easily inhibited by dog or man!) He displayed a mark on his neck where he said a Chihuahua had "attacked" him a few days before. I commented that I would have thought a little dog would have bitten his ankle. Bill explained that the Chihuahua was in his owner's arms, and when Bill walked past, the little demon sailed out of her arms and attached himself to Bill's neck!!!

Although Rottweilers, German Shepards, and Pit Bulls get the bad press because their attacks do more damage, any breed of dog can be programmed to attack. For that matter, even a cat. KJ was born and has been raised inside - with cats, in fact. When I first got KJ, I got some Rottweiler books to inform myself on the breed. One thing I learned, and have observed in KJ, is that Rotts are "visually alerted" dogs. The literature says that while many dogs are sound or scent excited, Rotts are stimulated most by what they see. Since KJ is housebound, she watches the outside world through large windows. What she sees determines her reaction. Things in motion are verboten in her territory. She hates wheels turning - on anything - and creates quite a ruckus at her window when a strange vehicle, bicycle, go-cart, or even skates go by on the street. But the most alarming thing she sees through her window is a runner. Apparently she perceives something running (person, another dog, etc.) as a threat to her jurisdiction and this elicits her most violent reaction. A Rottweiler owner should never allow free run of his/her dog. Joggers can not be predicted nor confined. Rottweilers should be.

Conversely, the very first time KJ ever saw a child, she was gentle, loving, and licking! Her first juvenile friend was a five year old boy who used her for a pillow on the floor in front of the tv. Once he was walking around with a cookie in his hand and KJ snatched it and promptly ate it. The feisty little boy reacted immediately with a fist to KJ's nose as a reprimand. That really hurt her feelings. But she didn't steal the next cookie from him.

KJ is a torment to female visitors here at the beach. They always have something delicious on their smooth legs. Her favorite flavor is pina colada, but she takes whatever comes in the door. The ladies fuss and fume at her and even slap her away. KJ is not fazed. I saw a cute plaque once that said "Beware of Dog. She can't hold her licker." Wish I had gotten that for my front door.

KJ is a Dr Jekyl and Ms Hyde dog. Always Dr Jekyl inside the house, but I wouldn't have her loose outside and risk the wrath of Ms Hyde.

From Another Rottweiler Source
Thanks to Misha for this link: Death Threats Flood Anti-Hollywood Celebrity Websites

Alternative Concert
Mike Gallagher is sponsoring a concert in Spartanburg, SC on May 1st, the same night the Dixie Chicks are booked there for a concert. The proceeds from Mike's gala will go to a military personnel relief fund for Iraqi veterans and their families. This has not been widely publicized (that I've heard) but Mike told about it on tv this morning and announced that anyone who had already bought Dixie Chick tickets could present them at his concert and GET IN FREE!! The Alternative Concert will feature Marshal Tucker Band, Shiloh, and Ty Nelson,