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Monday, April 14, 2003
Weekend, Weekend, Weekend

After seeing how diligently Bubba and the Emperor worked to "keep us informed" over the weekend, taking my weekend off seems to be a dereliction of Blog Duty. Already having been chastised by a couple of my "faithful" for light blogging lately, a jump on the new week may redeem me somewhat. So here's an early start for Monday.

According to Bubba's link to The Dave and Heather Page, Operation AWSOM stands for "Americans Who Suppport Our Military" and they have set up an e-mail address where you can send supportive e-mails to our military men and women who are serving abroad. The e-mail address is Take a few minutes and send an e-mail saying thanks, or that we are thinking about you, hoping you come home safely!

Chronwatch Says
Doc Farmer, who resides and works in Doha, Qatar, has been spending some of his Arabian nights thinking about the situation back in the USA, and he'd like for someone to 'splain a few things to him. In fact, quite a few things.
April 10-13 -- Employers liable for not filtering raunchy spam? At least if workers have complained, employers may be at risk of liability under sexual harassment law if they fail to install blocking software on email inboxes, say various legal experts. Quotes our editor (Declan McCullagh, "Por nspam: Are employers liable?", CNET News, Apr. 7) (DURABLE LINK)
(Does this mean the only way I can keep from being sexually harrassed is to come out of retirement and get back to a desk?)

Happy Easter to the Younguns
Turn up speakers and call them!

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