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Sunday, May 11, 2003
REALLY Boring Blogging
The recent lack of blogging that six of you noticed (!) was due to the total disarray and discombobulation of my abode. Two weeks of house upside down has just about driven the critters and me up the freshly painted walls. Thank goodness the rest of you kept on blogging! At least I could stay in the loop, even though I’ve been too scattered to concentrate and type.

The dichotomy of Ed Asner and Pat Buchanan represents everything I can’t stand. I’m too liberal to relate to Buchanan and too conservative to agree with almost anything Asner says. Any “testing”, “polling”, “quizzing”, etc, always labels me “centrist”. In other words, too liberal for my conservative associates, and too conservative for my liberal pals. Sort of like a political pariah. I’m in for chastisement, even criticism, however I come down on any given issue. Wish you could see my face to know how concerned I am. NOT! . Blog World is the greatest source of information I’ve ever found. I rely on diverse opinions to assist me in forming my own. Ergo, I try not to miss Misha and Bubba – or as I think of them, the North and South Poles!

Finally got The Grouchy Old Cripple In Atlanta added to my so-called blogroll. Don’t know why that one gave me so much grief, but every time I thought it was going to be o.k., it wasn’t. Anyhow, I think the link is working now, so I’m inviting my little clique to go take a look. GOCIA (aka Denny) and I have some things in common. He’s grouchy. He’s cripple. But he don’t know Jack about OLD!!! heh

Chuck Myguts has come up with a new contest. So far I’m zero for 2. But like I said in his comments -- never mind – go here and see for yourself.

The Beat Goes On at Gut Rumbles. For those who don’t understand his “beat”, do yourself a favor and stay away!!! I, of course, wouldn’t miss Acidman and want him to go ahead and retire so he can start blogging earlier in the day!

Zander is on a much-deserved vacation, but is trying to stay in touch. Anyhow, just be careful what you say about him because he’s lurking every day! Have fun, Zan!

Francesca of Yorkie fame has also been marked absent some days this past week. But at least she left us on Wednesday with one of her thought-provoking essays in that inimitable style of hers. She always puts things so well.

And this probably won’t work for me either – but just in case – here it comes again.

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I KNEW IT!!!!! Oh Well. Will try again later.