Indigo Insights

Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Rogues Among Us
In February 2002, this blog was "born" under the ministrations of Dr. Chuck Myguts, the attending obstetrician, aka Blog Daddy. My purpose, goal, and hope was to get some musings online for the perusal of relatives and friends with whom I wanted to keep in touch. At the time, I knew nothing about Blog World (what is a blog?) and didn't even realize what I wrote was made public!

Well, if nothing else, I'm a realist. Over the past year, it has become painfully obvious to me that Indigo Insights to blog world is analogous to a washboard on laundry day. In other words, a superfluous dinosaur. There are no delusions of grandeur here. Indigo Insights is not even minor league. Not even a waterboy in a minor league. Indigo just twaddles along, being as innocuous as possible, giving some opinions here and there (usually mild, compared to most weblogs), but mainly linking my favorites for the enjoyment and edification of those who may not otherwise find them. And there are many in this category among the aforementioned friends and relatives.

OK. So all that's a given. I admit it. But a "Rogue"?

I was enjoying reading Jay Solo's weblog last night and went at it like the Bunny - just kept going and going. Really exploring the links and taking time to catch up on the archives. Way, way down in the left gutter, Indigo Insights caught my eye under the heading Rogue Blogs That Don't Indicate Recent Updates. Not complaining, mind you, because I was in good company - four lines above Kim du Toit, as a matter of fact. This piqued my curiosity enough that I thought I would do an "Update" myself. I visited all 35 sites listed under Rogue Blogs That Don't Indicate Recent Updates and counted only 8 that had not been published this very week. So come on, Jay. Give us a break. Maybe we were just having a bad week the last time YOU did an update on the Rogues. OK, Jay. I'm just a harmless ol' granny, poking some fun at you. But remember, Kim du Toit is the guy with the guns!!! heh