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Thursday, July 24, 2003
Another One Bites the Dust!
According to Betsy's Page, via Lileks, another of my favorite actors has shown himself to be a 'tard.

Lileks reports on Michael Medved's interview with Eric Roberts, Julia's less famous and rich brother. [Indigo: My favorite phrase from Mr. Lileks: " Roberts - by then desperately out of his league -"]

After Prager came one of the more amusing, and painful, interviews I’ve ever heard. Medved interviewed the actor Eric Roberts, he of Star 80 fame. Apparently Mr. Roberts had issued some political manifesto; apparently Medved had treated it with less than boundless respect; apparently Roberts fired back an email to Medved that contained many provocative contentions. The only one I heard was this: Republican budget cuts were responsible for that old man who plowed his car into the Santa Monica farmer’s market.

As I understood Mr. Robert’s explanation, we spend too much money on the military, which is “killing people all over the world,” and not enough on programs that would drive seniors to the grocery store or the doctor. Medved - who sounded as though he was doing the interview with a big, silly, incredulous grin - asked what that had to do with the old man, who was well-off and had no need of any such program. Roberts - by then desperately out of his league - insisted that the lack of such a program to stop seniors from driving when they were past the age of 77 and provide state-funded chauffeurs was “a crime against humanity.” I am not making this up, as a certain fellow says.

Then came the break. I thought: does Eric Roberts realize that he can just hang up the phone? Sometimes it’s best just to realize that you are being disemboweled, and give up. What’s the worst the show can do - call you back with that extra-angry ring? don’t answer. Take the dog for a walk. Have a smoke.

Back from the break. Medved asks a question about these budget cuts, and to everyone’s surprise he’s answered by a female voice. It’s Eric Roberts’ wife. He couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t want to be “soundbited.” So he gives the phone to his wife and says you do it. The entire nation gets the image of Eric Roberts in the next room curled up in a beanbag talking to Mr. Teddy. The wife is feisty, though, and she’s more than willing to mix it up. Later her mother comes on. Eventually Mr. Roberts rejoins the conversation, and -
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What IS IT with celebrities? Obviously, they don't put any credence in some famously astute quotations. e.g. "Better to keep your mouth closed and let people THINK - - -"

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"Sword of Honour: Paul Robinson on the ancient code of insult and revenge that is still prevalent in the American South."
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