Indigo Insights

Thursday, July 10, 2003
North State Blogs
NSB now has 28 members! And after only five weeks. Thankfully, Tony realized that if he built it, they would come!!! Without checking each blog and working only from memory, Betsy's Page is the only one I recall that gives bio info. Since memory is not my strong suit, I think it would be cool to have a little bio info on everyone. I'm still trying to learn the members. Anyhow, thanks Betsy, for sharing some background with us. If Indigo Insights ever gets the face-lift, maybe I can get a couple of words of info up too.

Possible Haitus
Blogging as time permits for the next week. It's summertime at the beach, ya'll. Vacation time for all "inlanders" - referred to by the locals as "highlanders." Lots and lots of people come to visit. I may be sporadically unavailable -- but having fun. First guests arrive tomorrow, MOF, and I'm so excited. Any of you who happen to be on the Inland Waterway, stop in to say hi! Pick out a grey shake house and tie up your boat. If it's not my house, try, try again. I'd really like to see you.