Indigo Insights

Sunday, August 31, 2003
Excerpt from Stars 'n Stripes

The war in Iraq, and the war on terrorism, are not over yet. We still have many battles to be fought and many very brave soldiers may still lose their lives. We must take the time to say thanks to these brave people that are putting their lives on hold back home, and risking their lives, to give us the chance to live how we do. America is the greatest country on God's Green Earth, but we cannont forget how we became so great in the first place. Many great patriots before us lost their own lives because they believed in something greater than themselves. Please, take the time this Labor Day weekend to say thank you to any man or woman you see in uniform, and remember that as you enjoy your peaceful backyard bbq, that some poor soldier in uniform overseas is still laboring away to make you safe.

God Bless America