Indigo Insights

Sunday, August 31, 2003
September Blogroll Coming Soon!

Everyone knows by now that I got my computer education on the Isle of Crete. Everyone who reads my meager meanderings, even occasionally, knows that my Blogroll disappeared some months back and is still lost in space somewhere until I can engage a hired geek. Sporadic readers will also tell you that Indigo Insights keeps a pseudo running blogroll for that purpose. Since the first of August blogroll was published, I've added some new sites. One of these, Alphecca, I just found a few days ago and added to my running, hidden blogroll. When I visited Alphecca late tonight, lo and behold, that fine writer, Jeff Soyer, had written the most gracious introduction to Indigo Insights, and had even blogrolled me. He is a silver-tongued devil, that Jeff, and I thank him. OK, so he called my blog Indigo Sights -- he meant well!!! LOL He may be a bit psychic too, since he mentioned that there was no email addy listed and I had already typed in the addy on the new blogroll, which I'll try to get up right after midnight, so it'll be on September 1st.