Indigo Insights

Friday, September 12, 2003

It appears I made the right decision in abstaining from commenting on 9-11. Other bloggers so eloquently and thoughtfully posted yesterday, it was a day's occupation to read their thoughts and observations. All the following bloggers expressed feelings and opinions that, while I share, I could never have put my soul on a screen as magnificently. Visit these sites and be grateful and proud that we have such Americans among us. Scroll to their 9-11-03 posts and follow their links.

Jay Solo
Kevin McGehee
Margi Lowry
Rachel Lucas
Michele and The Voices
On the Third Hand
Bill Whittle
Mery Yourish
James Lileks
Ed Cone
Tightly Wound
Emperor Misha

South Knox Bubba offered only a list of the dead, on a totally black screen. Apparently it was only up for one day. It was stark, but said everything. I wish it had a permalink.

[Taking a few days to regroup. Back Monday, maybe.]