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Saturday, September 06, 2003

I had planned to catch up on reading and surfing today and not post. But when I stumbled upon the following comment from a Viet Nam Vet, I just had to get this up for other weekend surfers who might otherwise miss it.

Comment from a Viet Nam vet on Petrified Truth's post of Sept. 4. Read "The Trophy". Thanks to A Small Victory for the link.

I listen everyday to the "nine angry men", all presidential wannabes, and most of the liberal media, criticize Pres. Bush on among other things Operation Iraqi Freedom, but never seem to offer any better way, solution, or CONSTRUCTIVE help. Those who criticize only and have nothing to offer are essentially useless and in fact dangerous. Do you really feel any of the presidential contenders are economists? Does anyone?

Just who do you feel is more credible, Bush, Powell, Rice and Rumsfeld, or Hillary, Dean, Kerry, or major TV network anchors like Peter Jennings ,who only want to bias the news? Who do you REALLY want to call the shots in war, and make military decisions, retired generals out of the loop, the "elite" in Tinseltown, Internet founder, Al Gore, former presidents, or Gen. Abisaid and the military, who are the only people actually in the know. The "Left Coasters" only purpose is to "ABD", [anything Bush does], to trash the President at all cost. The liberal media is NOT going to tell you what the truth is, just lies. If you want realistic coverage, try the US [], the DOD, or US Justice Deptartment web site. To see what the US is really up against, browse the US Dept. of Justice's web site @ [], the Al Quida Training Manual. It'll describe how well they are expertly trained and educated, and whose ONLY purpose in life is to eliminate all of us. Much like the radical terrorist Palistinian's only purpurse is to drive the Israelites into the Mediterranean, at all costs. Hence, the MYTH of the Roadmap to Peace.

The above news sources post all news briefs, press conferences, etc. You'll also see the vast ongoing humanitarian programs that ABC, CBS, etc never show. If diversity is what you want, there ARE credible realistic and fair alternative news scources, including those in "Blogosphere".

The US CANNOT, at any cost, relinquish authority to the UN. Their track record speaks for itself. The UN would cease to exist without the US's financing and support, yet the German's and French hide under.

You cannot negotiate with irrational, and mentally ill, and desperate dictators, including Arafat and Kim Jung 11. Ask Madelyn Albright. Ask Chamberlain and Churchill, Kissinger, and this administration.

So for those critics out there, "if you can't put up, shutup!

Chip in PA
Viet Nam Vet ' 71-'72

Posted by: Chip Seiple at September 6, 2003 12:18 AM