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Saturday, September 06, 2003
Trying once more to do something pleasing to the Ping Fairy. If this one doesn't get pinged, I've struck out!

Francesca tells "Why I read Lileks"
One of the first rules of "serious blogging" -- according to Acidman, I think (though I can't find the post) -- is to avoid linking to Big Fish, like James Lileks, because everybody does it and it's kind of pathetic. Or something.

Well, I am clearly not a "serious blogger." And Lileks will never notice little old me, which is totally fine. I, however, read him every single day -- some days I find the minutae of his life more interesting than others, but he always, always, always writes well, and with an amusing twist or two. And on days like today, he hits it out of the park:

[...] Three thousand people died by design [on 9/11]. Only a fool couldn’t help noticing what it meant: they want us all dead. They want a world in which my daughter is a slave - and even though they’ll never get it, they will kill someone else’s daughter a half a continent away just to make their point. They want a world in which there is no US, and the Bosnias and Rwandas are not only commonplace, but proof that their god is ascendant.

Sorry. No. I want a world where those who choose Western ideas can flourish and thrive. And by “Western” I mean that raped girls aren’t stoned. Gays aren’t crushed by rocks. Public cleavage doesn’t get you whipped. Jews and Lutherans and Sufis can sit on a bus together and it’s no big deal. Where citizens decide that if they don’t like their government, they try it again - and the recall pits an Austrian immigrant against a native-born man of Hispanic origin. [...]

So sue me. I like it. A lot. Go read the whole thing.
posted by Francesca Watson 11:53 AM