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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

If you missed Baldilocks yesterday, please go here and don't miss a single link. Most bloggers have probably already read this outstanding piece, but non-bloggers (like the majority of my readership) will miss it if I don't point them in the right direction. Also see "About Me" for Juliette's bio.

Just so you'll know what you'll be missing if you don't link, here's an excerpt:

"But surely, he would offer state-of-the-art medical attention and pensions to all of those Africans who lost livelihoods and aid to the families of the murdered. After all, these are our allies and the murdered and maimed were working alongside or for the Americans! Nothing from the "first Black President" but sincere-sounding words.

"To paraphrase the words of King Solomon, pretty words hide a wicked heart. Or a cowardly one, for that matter. This man knew all the right words to say to black Americans. Knew all the fronts to put on. Knew all the frauds to perpetrate. And we bought the game, hook, line and sinker. But when push came to shove, he abandoned all Americans, black ones, white ones and all the other ones. He folded like the empty suit that he is."