Indigo Insights

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

In January 2002, my oldest and dearest friend in cyber world, Chuck Myguts, began "redneckin", under the tutelage and encouragement of Terry Oglesby, The Inimitable Possum Man. As soon as Chuck learned to click "publish", he started in on me to get a blog too. He knew of my editorial background and my disability, and, sly old fox that he is, he prodded and pushed me down the path toward Blogdom. In his laid-back Alabama wisdom, I believe he felt that a blog would be an interesting thing for me to do that could be done inside, while at the same time keep my toe in the writing genre. I think Chuck had in-house "therapy" in mind, but whatever his motivations, Indigo Insights was born on February 4, 2002.

Beginning with a dozen or so visits a day, over the following months, the totals crept up to 30 to 40 visits per day. Since blogging is my hobby, numbers has never been the driving force behind my meager efforts, but I happened to notice last week that my visit total was approaching 10,000. I got a chuckle out of that because the Tall Dogs™ that Acidman talks about (including himself) get that much traffic in TWO DAYS!! It took almost two years for Indigo.

So imagine my "shock and awe" when I noticed yesterday that the grand total for Indigo Insights had exceeded 10,000! I thought there must be a mistake until, upon further scrutiny, I saw hundreds of referrals from The gracious Emperor Misha had linked Indigo's Sunday blog, The Cab Ride, and readers from his Rottweiler Empire had tallied up enough visits to put Indigo over the top for 10,000. I am very gratified that The Emperor liked my Sunday selection enough to mention it, proving once again there's power in power. ;) Many thanks to you, Misha, and to your readers for their meaningful comments. Thanks to you too, Juliette, for referring your readers. If Site Meter Summary is correct, there were 1248 visitors on 11/24/03. Holy Moly!

Fox News reports "Legal Secretary in Old Case Says Jackson Was Framed." The secretary has written a tell-all book. Read all about it.

In a remembrance of his childhood Canadian Thanksgivings, Peter Jennings noted how one year "my dad wrote 'smoke pot' in cloves on the very large ham." (Media Research Center CyberAlert, Monday November 24, 2003)

NC Senator Tony Moore (former Dem - 5th State Senate District) switched to the Republican Party, finally reconciling his party registration with his political, philosophical, and ideological principles. [Indigo: Here's his web page. Senator Moore is from my old neighborhood, Winterville, NC.]

One-third of medication errors in the nation's hospitals involve patients over age 65. And although most medical errors are not harmful, those that are fatal occur predominantly in seniors. Go here and read more words to the wise from WebMD on this danger. [or not -- Sorry this link doesn't seem to be working.]