Indigo Insights

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Nice surprise, being linked to Ken's Page. I think I may be a "musician magnet". Which is a good thing. Thanks, Ken.

The Train Man has a gripe. (scroll to "Little too much Thug") Why are they called "trolls" anyhow? Why not call them what they are: sociopaths?

My Redneck Guru is still MIA. Enough is enough, Chuck.

I'm just tickled to pieces that I can read JimsSpot now! Try it! You'll like it!

A liberal Marine, Sgt. Robert Ferriol, has his say here. Thanks to SKB for the link.

Cletus, of Compleat Redneck fame, has finally returned from resting on his Halloween laurels. That vampire wore him slam out.

Sam has some good blogs going today. Check 'em out.

Baldilocks explains AWOL so even I can understand it. A MUST READ!