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Monday, December 01, 2003


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There has to be a way the Donks can blame this on Bush:

Woman Knocked Unconscious By Wal-Mart Shoppers
Witnesses: Shoppers Stepped Over Woman Having Seizure

ORANGE CITY, Fla. -- A 41-year-old woman was knocked unconscious and then trampled by a mob of shoppers who continued to step over her as she suffered a seizure during a Friday sale at Wal-Mart in Orange City, Fla., according to Local 6 News.

Well, obviously this never would have happened if the President hadn't cut taxes. If people would just let the government have more of their paychecks, they wouldn't have as much to spend for the holidays, and we'd never have to see this sort of tragedy again. Via TacJammer. See it all here.

>^..^< Really neat cat pics and video here. Thanks to Baldilocks for this delightful link with the most precious fuzzy critters. Don't miss the video. See "Here, Kitty" (Warning: Viewer Discretion advisory for Acidman)
>^..^< Hello Sam -- Holiday is over!!!
>^..^< And the same to Ken!!!
>^..^< Don't miss Martha Stewart's Cat over at Brenda's house. Scroll to "off the mark" cartoon.
>^..^< Run, Jesse, Run! A MUST READ! (You may have already seen it, but my relatives don't read on the weekends!)
>^..^< Every now and then, I take perverted glee in being TOTALLY UN-PC. And I just noticed the irony in following "Run, Jesse, Run!" with this. heh