Indigo Insights

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

As stated many times, I consider myself independent in politics. The results of any testing/polling I've participated in always describes me as a left-leaning Centrist. (Anyone know where I can register with this party?) George Bush is not my hero. But he IS my president.

Ebenezer McGehee, who I assume is Kevin's father, gives some quotes from Matthew Daly, AP, via Drudge, that exemplify attitudes of far too many Democrats for me to even consider voting for one. Even tho, Lieberman would be tempting. Say Uncle gives this link for the entire article. And Sloop Dawg posts a quote from John Hawkins: "These sort of incidents help convince independents & yellow dog democrats that they're in the wrong party, but they also encourage the sort of insane rhetoric that has become all too prevalent on the left."

Ebenezer also points out the lack of snark in Hillary Clinton's reaction to the capture of Saddam. Right, Eb. Let's be fair and balanced.

Jeff Soyer posts about North Carolina's own native son, John Edwards, and tries to explain to John why flu vaccine ran out. Good luck, Jeff. Sometimes John just doesn't get it.