Indigo Insights

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

>^..^< I'm too incensed about this right now to write. I plead Christmas and the subsequent near-death experience as the reason I overlooked it until today. But please, PLEASE, go here and get some background on the Walker case, if you don't have any. As far as I can determine, only Chuck Myguts and Say Uncle have linked to this, other than Google, here.

>^..^< Dennis WIlson has the most concise and accurate summary of the State of the Union address I've seen anywhere. Please go here and read it. You'll know everything you need to know.

>^..^< Major Donnie has the most entertaining blog on the Dean Melt-Down that I've run across, incorporating both fun and facts.

>^..^< Astrology anyone?

>^..^< Juliette brings yet another Hollywood opinion to our attention.

>^..^< Dog Snot Diaries says: Life Is Rough in the Gulf.

>^..^< Remember the Cole.