Indigo Insights

Friday, January 30, 2004


Chuck's coverage of the Kenny Walker case has been picked up by AFRA. How this all came about due to the perserverance of a self-described "good ol' redneck boy from Alabama" is an interesting story within itself. You probably will not see the genesis anywhere else and at the risk of extreme chastisement from Chuck (should I get a detail wrong!) here is the Indigo version of how rabbits became the impetus for Chuck to become a crusader for human rights. Oh, he's always been that kind of guy, but never so publicly since I've known him. I might add that I'm an ex-rabbit-hunting North Carolinian and all informational background I have gleaned on this case - including newspaper excerpts - has come from following links on 'redneckin'.

The GORBFA (Chuck) is an avid rabbit hunter and posts a rabbit journal for other rabbit hunters. There are lots of rabbit hunters of all colors in the South, and many black ones who read his journal picked up the Walker thread. Over the last few days, Chuck's 'redneckin' blog has been Walker-lanched for information and updates and AFRA linked "redneckin" yesterday. The case is not a black/white issue - and both blacks and whites seem to be in agreement about this. Read Comments and connect whatever dots you can find. The investigation is still ongoing. I pray it doesn't disintegrate into a "them against us" thing, unless the perceived "them" continues to be the colorless abusers of power and the "us" be the colorless upholders of human rights.