Indigo Insights

Thursday, January 08, 2004

My best-laid blog plan for yesterday was to write about my goodest good ol' boy, Chuck Myguts, from over at 'redneckin'. Chuck and I go back a long way. We can almost read each other's minds now. Some of our commenting banter is such "inside stuff", it's conceivable that a new reader, while trying to interpret the meaning, may MISinterpret instead.

I didn't think anything about it when Chuck pulled his latest trick on me yesterday. It was just another nutty day in the ongoing saga of "Chuck and Indigo" to me. I was amused, as always, but definitely not offended or angry. If any reader, new or old, read into our banter against boredom anything other than just that, please go back to Chuck's page and re-read the Jan. 6 post "I've Been BSing With Indigo" -- this time between the lines.

Anyhow, my good-intended plan was to write an essay extoling the virtues of Good Ol' Chuck, pointing out his unique sense of humor and our tight relationship. The purpose, of course, was to allay any doubts my silly comments on 'redneckin' may have possibly generated in anyone who took the exchange seriously. But when I checked the email in-box, there was a plethora of material that cried out to be posted. Good Ol' Chuck, my goodest redneck buddy, was just going to have to move over while I unloaded the mail box.

And then I was invaded by the bloggy-snatchers. Long story short - I self-immolated and went to bed. I'm hoping for kinder treatment by the cyber gods today and will be back ASAP to get some of my in-box stuff posted.