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Saturday, April 10, 2004
BAND OF BROTHERS - Sunday, April 11 - History Channel

Long ago, over 2,000 years ago, a Baby was born in a manger. The animals came to see him, including a simple tabby cat.

He had influential visitors. The skies filled with music proclaiming His birth. But He was a baby. His mother was a young woman overwhelmed with the responsibilities given her by His Father. And the responsibilities of daily activity were upon her.

It was a common belief of the day that in order for a newborn infant's arms and legs to grow straight and strong they needed to be tightly wrapped at birth. Babies were wrapped from their shoulders to their feet with long strips of cloth 4-5 inches wide and 15-20 feet long. The act of wrapping the child up so tightly and completely was called "swaddling" and the strips of cloth were called "swaddling clothes". Of course, the swaddling became soiled and had to be washed.

As she washed the baby's swaddling, the Infant began to fuss, as all babies will do. Before the mother, Mary, could return to her son to comfort him, the tabby cat jumped into the manger and soothed the Baby and hushed His whimpers.

Because the cat helped Mary, from that time on, all tabby cats have the markings of a letter "M" above and between their eyes to commemorate a single tabby cat's service to Mary and her Son.

This story has two morals: Cats are very special. Yes, they certainly are.


The smallest act performed by one of God's smallest creatures can bring profound change on all.

See Poof Cat to check the "M"