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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

by Doc Farmer
Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Last week was a busy one, news-wise. Wacko Jacko gets indicted, without dancing on top of a limo. A sports star wasn't convicted of murder, but was convicted of covering up the death of a chauffer. The 9/11 Commission meets with Dubya and Cheney, and two of them leave before it's over, having ''other appointments'' to attend. I clipped my toenails. Fallujah captured many headlines. Some U.S. (and perhaps some British) troops were discovered to have abused prisoners in Iraq.

And yet, something happened last week of enormous political and national import. An incident with a potentially negative effect on our national security and our war against terrorism. Quite possibly, this event was a breach of federal law. Despite this, there was almost no coverage of the event. Nor was there any coverage of the apparent cover-up, and the lies told by a high-ranking government official.

There's only one word, one name that could prevent such an explosive story from spreading.


I'm not a journalist. I'm a commentator, a humorist, a satirist, and occasionally an observer of the political perfidy that is the mainstream news media in America today. My editor will tell you, at the drop of a hat, that I'm not a journalist (to this day, I sometimes spell in English instead of American). I am immensely proud that I'm not a journalist, I might add. I've spoken about the double standards in the media. I've talked about the lies peddled as fact. However, this one really takes the biscuit.

Last week, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Lib/Dem/Soc/Commie-NY, (aka Hellary, Hildebeest, Hitlery, woman in comfortable shoes, Succubus, Beelzebub, Hera, Godzilla-in-Drag) gave an interview to London-based Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat. In that interview, she trashed the President of the United States (current, not former). She referred to Iraq in the lib/dem/soc/commie?s favorite ''q'' word (quagmire), and stated that Bush's ''mistakes have also threatened peace and stability in the region.'' The story was picked up, with amazing speed, by a host of Arab news services. Agence-Presse France also picked up the story. Well, I guess I'm not surprised, what with the name ''France'' in there and all....

Now, the last time I checked, we're at war. An ongoing war, unlike any other in our history. Not only against Iraq, but also against Terrorism. In the old days, if a high-ranking senator (yes, I know she's a ''junior''senator, but she's treated as if she were high-ranking) had given such an interview to Japan or Germany or Italy, he or she would be slowly turning on the rotisserie of America's hate for treason. Charges would be filed for sedition, and the senator in question would be saying ''Howdy'' to Mr. Penitentiary and Mr. Rockpile.

And yet, in America there is hardly a peep. I did a search on Sunday on (primarily because I can't afford Lexis-Nexis) for these keywords: Hillary, Clinton, Arab, and Interview. I got five hits. Just five. Moreover, only three of them were relevant to the subject at hand, and two of them belonged to NewsMax. I know there were more people talking about this but, apparently, they weren't adding certain keywords to their web pages. However, Senator Clinton did vehemently deny that she ever gave an interview.

Until it was proved that, by golly, she did.

Joe Scarborough, on MSNBC's ''Scarborough Country'' apparently got a scathing phone call from Clinton's office after he mentioned her interview. He invited Howard Wolfson, Sen. Clinton's former press secretary/communications director/whatever the heck they call themselves these days, to respond to his staff?s investigation. And respond Wolfson did. Vociferously. Vehemently. Venomously. But, unfortunately, not very accurately. Perhaps because there's no synonym that begins with ''v''....

The long and the short of all of this is that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton gave aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war. Then she lied about it. However, when that lie was discovered, the mainstream media did .. .. .. not a blessed thing! Oh, a few ''off Broadway'' news services have brought this to the attention of the Internet--NewsMax, WorldNetDaily, etc.--and kudos to Mr. Scarborough for actually having the intestinal fortitude to stand up to a charging Hildebeest and Wolfman Howard.

But did the alphabet networks cover this attempted (and badly botched) cover-up? How about the New York Times (Motto: Fact-Free Since 1859) or the Washington Post (Motto: We?ll ''Gate'' Any Scandal) or the La-La-Land Times (Motto: Have We Fallen Into The Ocean Yet?) ? are they pillars of journalistic integrity, demanding details and facts and explanations? Or are they, yet again, little more than a passable lining material for the birdcage and the litter box?

The news media is supposed to be a fourth estate, not a fifth column. Sadly, however, it seems that they are complicit in covering up news that America requires. A prominent senator gave a damaging interview that was spread across the Arab world. A prominent senator lied about giving a damaging interview. Nevertheless, the news media sat on its collective hands, and set its focus instead on how to promote their candidate and destroy his opponent--and the truth and the national interests be damned in the process.

There are many lib/dem/soc/commies who say that the media can't be liberal because corporations own the news media, and corporations must, by definition, be conservative in nature. Of course, independent analyses of news coverage have shown that to be a hot steaming mountain of male bovine excrement. Even so, the myth continues. More a lie than a myth, I'll grant you. One the media continues to prove.

Yes, friends, you can bald-face lie, say the word ''nigger'' on national television, skip those annoying words ''under God'' while leading the Pledge of Allegiance in the House, call the president a liar live from Baghdad, undermine our war efforts, chuck your medals/ribbons or cover up embarrassing interviews. All with the magical ''D'' behind your name.

Makes you sick, doesn't it?


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