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Friday, May 28, 2004
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Red carpet down in the City for Navy and Marines

David Letterman honored the men and women of the USS Iwo Jima last night on his Late Show. The Navy marched into the theater to a rousing Anchors Aweigh, coming on stage from every direction in their brilliant whites - maybe 200 or so. Camera close-ups showed happy-faced sailors, freshly scrubbed and rosy-cheeked, mostly young. There were officers and older personnel too, but those cuddly, twinkly-eyed sailors, so obviously exuberant to be in Noo Yawk City were a sight to behold! The audience loved them, of course.

A few minutes later into the show, the band struck up The Marine Hymn and a comparable number of US Marines in dress blues marched in from every possible entry. They took the same paths as the sailors, encircling the entire theater audience, balcony, stage, the band and Dave, himself. The close-up shots of their faces inspired awe. No twinkly eyes there. Steely eyes, looking straight ahead. Every hat set exactly alike, every foot precisely in step. When they were all in place, they stood at attention for a few moments, then egressed the stage and theater. The audience again went wild at these impressive warriors. After everything calmed down, Dave said, "There's two things you don't mess with: Oprah and the United States Marines!"


Memorial Day is much more than a three-day weekend that marks the beginning of summer. To many people, especially the nation's thousands of combat veterans, this day, which has a history stretching back all the way to the Civil War, is an important reminder of those who died in the service of their country.

The long-awaited National World War II Memorial will be officially dedicated Saturday, in time to mark the D-Day 60th Annniversary. The ceremony will be televised live. Check your local listings and watch this with your family. Your children will remember it for the rest of their lives. Chairman of the WWII Memorial Campaign, Bob Dole, himself a surviving WWII hero, former US Senator and presidential candidate, will officiate.

>^..^< The Gleeful Extremist reminds his readers What the Greatest Generation Understood. And Ray Charles, one of our national treasures, reminds us here of another American event to be remembered on Memorial Day.